Hi, I'm Bear. Have you met my Wife and kidz?

Hi, I'm Bear. Have you met my Wife and kidz?
Screenshot from Lonestar

April 6th Owlet in Tree by Jill

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**** Our owlets are Noelle on February 5th 4:50 am , Sweet Peeps on February 7 12:28 am, Baby Bear on Feb 9th 11:15pm Brumby, on Feb 11th 8:05 am, Piper, on Feb 13 at 2:47 pm, Sparrow, on Feb 15 at 10:25 am, Elf on Feb 21 10:45 pm****

March 29th: Noelle steps Outside The Box on day 52 from 10 pm to 11: 36 pm!!! Sweet Peeps steps outside on day 58 April 6 1:09 am!! **Baby Bear Outside on Day 56 April 6th!!** Brumby is out on April 7th Day 55!!

Below are Gary and Jill's videos of Willow's owlets in the box !Click here for Outside Camera Link

Monday, April 18, 2011

No more updates on this blog as we come to the end of Clutch 1.  We appreciate your understanding. Please continue to follow chat and our other blogs for further updates.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 13-14

Willow and Bear April 13th screenshot by Rennais

 Delivery times: 8:02; 8:45; 9:41, 10:21, 10:46; 10:59; 1143; 11:51, 1:38 and 1:45. Bit of fiesty activity at 9:41 with Nanny Owl interfering/ intercepting Bear's 9:41 delivery-- Odd noises in the box ??
The outside camera was down for 24 minutes - 11:20 to 11:44

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 12-13

Early evening by Couleedam: Interesting night, lots and lots of flybys and deet - deet - deets, several bondings and I think at a minimum, 3 owlets out and about in the tree!
All feedings have been outside the box:  11:28, 11:59, and 12:36 - feedings were handoffs to the outside owlets, no feedings to the inside the box owlets at all so far tonight.-

Hundon adds:
Feedings outside the box:  1.04 Delivery
 2:03 New box - Bear brought mouse; bonding -Willow with mousie in beak..! 
Willow took mouse and delivered in box (by the sound of it)  at 2.05
2.42 Bear brought kangaroo rat for Willow with bonding, then Willow left with it to deliver-
Outside cam off 1:22 - 2:56

Wrap by by Lonestar
Apr 12/13: TREATS 8: 11:28, 11:59, 12:36; 1.04 << outside ONLY, none to inside owlets at all; (2:02; 2:42 treats to Willow in new box, then to owlets); 3:33; 3:50 (outside cam down 1:22--2:56).  Note:  May have been treat deliveries off camera.

"I will add that this was the first night that we have seen the parents actively feeding the owlets outside, and now that they are doing this, there are bound to be treats/feedings that are off camera that we do NOT see (and don't get counted).  It is also "time" for treats to be winding down a little-- as most of the owlets have reached their maximum weights and in fact some of the are in the "slim down / lose a bit of weight" stage... and they don't require near as much food as when they were growing at high rates!"

Tuesday's Photo from Hundon:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treat report thus far:  1 treat unknown time per teros; 9:58 treat from Nanny owl; 10:38 Bear w/treat; 11:04 Nanny w/treat; 1113 big gopher treat; 11:48 treat by sound
Outside camera down from 1117 to 1244  
@ 10:51 an owlet made its way back into the box from down below  -  crawling up, not much flying so probably one of the younger owlets

Per Hundon: treat at 2.03; Another one after 3 am.
Possibility that Nanny Owl may have tried to intercept a treat?
Bear in the new box calling for Willow at times; many bondings...loads of deeting going on outside!

CuriosityKitten's Cara gets a treat

Couleedam and Lonestar Pics

Couleedam and Lonestar Pics
Noelle On Mommy Feb 16 by Couleedam


Willow outside by Caboval